Christ Is With Me

God desires a relationship, a friendship,partnership with you. The writing of psalm 23 was born out of David's experience as a Shepherd. He understands perfectly well the relationship that exist between a sheep and its Shepherd. How the sheep is totally dependent on the Shepherd for everything- food ,shelter, guidance, protection from enemy. Etc. If [...]

Chapter 5: Nourishing Your Vision

Avoid peer pressure, habits,addictions and other things that can rob you of your vision. Imagine yourself ten years from now and your story or profile is about to be publicly read. What would you rather not have in your story? Then don't do it; drugs, immortality, fraud, violence, crime, etc

Chapter:4) Actualizing Your Vision

God gives good vision based on the heart. He sees the thoughts and intents of every man's heart and knows what we are capable of doing with the visions he gives us. Just as a Baby is conceived In a woman's womb and nourished until delivery, a vision is expected to be nourished by the visionary and brought forth to full term.